5 at-home workout hacks to improve your exercise routine

Whether you can’t get to the gym or just don’t want to spend the money, working out at home has never been easier.

There are literally endless ways that you get can moving from the comfort of your own living room. We’ve got our top five at home workout hacks that will step up your exercise routine.

If you’ve got stairs, use them

If you’re lucky enough to live in a place with stairs (we feel you flat renters/owners), make the most of them. There are loads of different exercises you can do at home with your stairs.

You can run up and down them for a bit of cardio, but you can also use them for bodyweight exercises too. For example, you can do split squats using them as well as elevated push-ups too. If you don’t have any stairs, a sturdy coffee table will do just the trick.

Making the most of the walls

You might be stuck inside them but the four walls you’re in are great for working out. You can do standing incline push-ups, wall sits, glute bridges and more.

This has got to be one of our favourite at-home workout hacks. We’d recommend not wearing shoes for some wall workouts as you don’t want to mark or damage the wall itself. Otherwise, knock yourself out with a whole host of wall-based workouts. You’d be surprised at how much they can work your body!

Use everyday objects as weights

If you don’t already, you should really be incorporating weights into your workout regime.

Now, weights can be pretty expensive. Just head over to Amazon and prepare to be outraged at the price tags. So, what do you do if you don’t have access to any proper weights?

Well, that’s easy, use objects you already own. Stuff a backpack with some heavy books and wear it when doing squats, for example. Or place the backpack on a broom or mop stick to create a barbell. You can even use filled bottles of water as dumbbells to get your arms working.

Chances are, there will be loads of things lying around your home that you can give a multi-purpose to and get them involved in your workouts. Just remember to be careful and watch your form.

Grab a towel to deepen your stretches

For most of us, being at work all day means we’re sat at desks barely moving. Stretching before and after a workout is super important for mobility and muscle recovery.

If simple stretches just aren’t doing it for you, grab a towel to get a better session in. Roll your towel up widthways so you’ve got sort of a rope. When lying on the floor, place the towel on the underside of your foot and lift your leg up. You can pull the towel toward you to deepen the stretch which is great for your calves and glutes.

There are a whole bunch of other towel-based stretches so make sure to give some of them a go!

From the walls to the floors

If you’re looking for at-home workout hacks, look no further than your floor. Yep, your floor is probably one of the best things you can use for home workouts.

You might be wondering what’s so special about the floor. Well, you can do countless exercises all with just the floor beneath your feet. The best bit about this is that you can do this inside, in your garden or even a local park. Either way, you can great a great workout in.

You might need to buy yourself an exercise mat but those are relatively inexpensive. You can even layer a few towels if you really don’t want to buy one. Your floor can be used for bodyweight exercises like push-ups, squats and lunges but also for cardio too. Think burpees, bear crawls, jump squats and more.

Your floor is best pals with HIIT workouts so jump on YouTube and check out the amazing free workouts to get your heart racing.

Do you have any at-home workout hacks you could share?