5 clothing must-haves for spring 21

It’s finally starting to get sunnier in England – are 10 degrees enough for us Brits to call it ‘warm weather'? This means you need to pack away your fleeces and puffers and bring out crop tops, cardigans and enjoy an iced latte.

Fashion trends always come and go so here are the top 5 must-haves to perfect this year’s spring style.

1. Sweater vests

Keep warm but look cool, sweater vests have been made popular by none other than TikTok trends, of course. The cropped vests are perfect when paired with a long-sleeved bodysuit underneath or a baggy t-shirt for a more comfortable look. These sweaters usually have a V-neck so take out your favourite necklace and get some of that bling on. We definitely can’t deny that we’re carrying over this trend from the fall season but what’s wrong with a bit of recycling? Sweater vests are here for the long run.

2. Pleated skirt return

Remember the pleated skirts you used to wear in primary school? Yeah, they’re back. Pleated skirts are the new craze because they’re SO easy to dress up or down. If you're having a cute park date – pair the skirt with a crop-top and checked top, or for a night out (that’s if we ever get out of lockdown) throw on a pair of strappy sandal heels, bodysuit and blazer and you’re good to go! A bit of versatility never hurt anybody and owning a pleated skirt means you can re-wear in different styles… money-saving expert here.

3. 50 shades of nude

Yes, you heard that right, you won’t be sending them, you’ll be wearing them. Nude colours are EVERYTHING right now and it’s great as they can be paired with literally any other colour. Nude tops with some blue flared jeans, black joggers or a pink skirt… you name it, you can wear it with nude. It’s not only nude clothing that is in right now – shoes, bags and accessories all look great in nude and the best part is that there are so many different shades of the colour that you can find the perfect match for YOU.

4. Puff them sleeves girl

The victorian-era style puff sleeve is coming to stay and is looking gorgeous! The puff sleeve is spotted in a lot of tops and dresses right now, taking a simple long-sleeved top to the next level. This trend makes any outfit go from boring to classy and sassy once you style it up. Yes, we know puff sleeves aren’t for anyone and they might ‘swallow’ you whole, but if a dress is too much… why not give a puff sleeve t-shirt a go and throw on your favourite pair of jeans instead? Get out of that comfort zone!

5. Oversized blazers are the business

Believe us, oversized blazers are the blessing of 2021 fashion. The best part is that they come in every colour, size and style and they will always look good. We can thank the 80’s for this style as it’s easy, comfortable and chic. Blazers don’t have to be all about business, they can be worn on top of some cycling shorts with trainers. See, we told you… easy. Don’t stress, we know oversized may be hard to pull-off sometimes but for a more structured style, pick out blazers with shoulder pads to give the look of a cinched waist or a cropped blazer to elongate them legs.

We will definitely be following all these spring 2021 fashion trends and we hope you will too, time for a wardrobe upgrade.

Written by Iasmina Ionescu