5 local and easy places to walk near Leeds

Updated: Jan 29

So, you’re looking for easy places to walk near Leeds?

After the year we’ve had, and yet another lockdown, we’re back to square one. With only an hour a day to get outside, you’re probably almost definitely sick of your usual potter around. Here are five places easy places to walk near Leeds for those times you need to get out of your four walls.

Roundhay Park, Leeds

Roundhay Park

Ah, can you get any more classic than Roundhay Park?

It’s arguably the most popular park in Leeds and for good reason. With over five walking routes to choose from, you can easily mix and match for a bit of variety if you’re going fairly often. Of course, you’ve got the Upper Lake which leads down to the Lake View route. This is where you’ll find the Lakehouse café for a cheeky hot chocolate stop.

Similarly, at the top of the park, you’ve got The Mansion where you can find public toilets and a second café. Now, Roundhay Park gets very busy, especially at the weekends. So, if you’re looking for a walk that’s a bit quieter, we’d recommend the Secret Gorge route. This takes you out to the side of the park and along a woodland path that follows a cute little stream - gorge-ous (we're not going to apologise for that pun).

The Hollies

You’ve probably heard of the Meanwood Valley Trail. It’s a walking route most city centre dwellers and students know about. But have do you know of The Hollies?

The Hollies park is a stunning little forest which leads you into Meanwood. Fun fact: The Hollies is rumoured to be the inspiration for Middle Earth in author J.R.R Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings. Pretty cool, right?

As well as a woodland path, there is also a Botanic Garden and two National Plant Collections. Once you’ve strolled through these, you can join the route which takes you all the way down the Meanwood where you can pick up the Valley Trail. Or you can walk through the park and loop back around.

Adel Beck

If you’re looking for something with fewer people, you should check out Adel Beck. Another stop on the Meanwood Valley Trail, Adel Beck is a little woodland hideaway. With ponds, streams and heathlands, this is a great little walk that is the perfect break from city living.

Of course, you can walk to Adel Beck along the Meanwood Valley Trail if you feel like it. However, if you were wanting to complete the full trail, be prepared for a seven-mile trek. Most people tend to do the individual walks that are part of the trail rather than the whole thing.

Golden Acre Park

The final stop on the Meanwood Valley Trail; Golden Acre Park.

This pretty park is the furthest away from the city centre of all our walks so you will either need to walk the whole trail to get there or drive to the car park. A bit like Roundhay Park, Golden Acre Park gets very busy and parking can be a bit tricky.

However, the parking situation is more than worth it. This well-groomed park includes small lakes and ponds as well as little woodland walks. In terms of easy places to walk near Leeds, Golden Acre Park is relatively flat all the way around so regular trainers will do just fine.

Within the park, there is a nature reserve that takes you on a path around a small lake with a few bird lookouts for some wildlife spotting. Once you’ve walked around the whole park you can stop at the café and treat yourself to a piece of cake, hot drink or an ice cream – whatever you fancy!

Eccup Reservoir

Another great route a little further out of the city centre is Eccup Reservoir. It’s a fairly popular route but there is plenty of parking around the area so you don’t need to worry about fighting for a space like you would at Golden Acre and Roundhay Park.

The 5.2-mile walk takes about two hours and sees you walk along the side of the reservoir before veering off into the surrounding fields. It’s a circular loop so it makes getting back to your car easy.

You’ll be sure to get lots of photos for the gram’ on this walk. The views over the reservoir are beautiful as are the fields you walk through on the second half of the route. So, make sure your phone is charged!

There you have it, five local and easy places to walk near Leeds. Have you been to all of these are do you plan to – let us know!