5 things Millennials do that annoy Gen Z

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Gen Zs have, for some reason, started dragging Millennials online. As with all great internet memes nowadays, it all began on TikTok. From side partings to coffee obsessions, we need to face it, Millennials just aren’t ‘cool’ anymore.

Here are just five, there are so many more, of the things Gen Zs have deemed unforgivable. Millennials, get ready to feel old AF.

Millennials wearing their hair in a side parting

Wearing your hair in a side part

Remember when wearing your hair in a side part became the ‘it’ thing? Sure, we might have taken it a bit too far (year 8 side fringes starting at the ear, we’re looking at you). But they were so cool. It didn't matter if you had Frankie from The Saturdays pixie cut or Victoria Beckham's infamous ‘Pob’, the side parting was all that mattered.

Now though, apparently, a side parting is a telltale sign that you’re old. It means you’re a millennial and hun, that just ain’t cool. If you want to be down with the kids, it’s all about the middle parting. To be fair, we can’t deny them that, the middle parting do definitely look pretty fab. But still, R.I.P to the side part, lest we forget 2008.

Millennial woman wearing black skinny jeans

Wearing skinny jeans all the time

One of the more devastating things to come out of all of this is that skinny jeans are out. We don’t know about you, but that means that our entire jean collection is apparently in desperate need of an upgrade. You may have noticed the odd teen pottering about wearing flares and thought ‘whoah, what a statement.' Well, that’s just how it is nowadays, flares are back guys - no joke.

Don’t panic, we don’t need to go full Paris Hilton and hunt down some jewel-encrusted low rise mega flares. The styles that are in trend are a little more tasteful. Think straight leg reclaimed vintage or the ever faithful ‘mom’ jean. It’s okay guys, we can get through this - we don’t need skinny jeans anymore *sobs*.

All emojis on Millennials phone

Using the laughing crying emoji

This one cuts deep. The laughing crying emoji is cancelled.

We don’t know whose deciding these things but seriously, what’s wrong with this old favourite? It’s perfect for when you’re not actually laughing at something, you’re annoyed, pissed off, happy - it’s an all-rounder! But no, no, no, forget it. If your most-used emoji is the laughing crying emoji, you’re passed it. You may as well pick your plot for your grave.

Millennial taking picture of Starbucks coffee

Our obsession with coffee

I mean, as if we haven’t been attacked enough, now our love for coffee is being questioned. This one is probably more of a stereotype, not sure that all Millennials love coffee as much as everyone thinks we do.

Having said that, we’re definitely guilty of carrying the big-name coffee chains. What’s wrong with grabbing a cheeky little pumpkin spiced latte and talking about how hard ‘adulting’ is your other Millennial girlfriends? Okay, maybe we see their point after all. But hey, nothing can stop us from tagging each other in Facebook posts when the new Costa Christmas menu is released - deal with it.

Millennials taking selfies wrong

Taking selfies wrong

Honestly, Millennials were the generation that invented the selfie, have a little respect.

According to Gen Z, Millennials take their selfies weird. Rather than taking them directly face on, we take them from above and that’s not right. Okay, well here’s some insider info: we used to take selfies from much further above than you know.

We basically held up our webcams directly above our heads to take our MySpace and Bebo profile pictures and we won’t have a bad word said about it. Oh, and also we look at the screen instead of the camera lens which also annoys them - pfft.

So, if you do all or some of these things, you’re a Millennial and you’re old. It’s okay, you can internally cry a little bit, after all, 30 is only around the corner…