Behind the Brand: Mina & Cinnammmm

Updated: Jan 29

Lockdown has proven itself to be a time for hobbies to become side-hustles. One such side-hustle success is Cinnammmm. Set up by Mina, a home baker, Cinnammmm is the one-stop-shop for cinnamon rolls right here in Leeds. We caught up with Mina to find out more.

What inspired you to start Cinnammmm?

Well, I have always loved cooking and baking. Not only that but I have always dreamt of having a cafe, diner or dessert place. I have a love for the American culture and in particular the treats. I worked out there for a few months and fell in love with all the sweet candy and cakes. Cinnabon in the USA is a total drool factor! There used to be Cinnabon in a few cities in the UK but a few years ago vanished. Hmm, I wonder why.

Anyway back to the question. So, yeah, I love sweet American desserts and during the lockdown, I was on furlough and baked and baked and baked ( who wasn't baking?). I dished everything out to family and friends who encouraged me to start a dream I always had. I thought if there was ever a time, it's now.

I pondered on what to offer that was a little different and not currently on-trend. I mean cupcakes, doughnuts and brownies are amazing but everywhere right now in my opinion. So, I wanted to grab attention and start a new trend...bring back Cinnabon with a total mmmm factor. And, well, there you have it - CinnaMmmm was born!

Has furlough and the COVID pandemic changed your career path for good?

I come from a hospitality and events background, so this is kind of still in the same field just a different angle to where I was. If anything, the current climate has given me a great opportunity to start and try and make something of my own. I don't know what will happen, no one does. But for now, I am enjoying the moments of baking and sharing Cinnammmm love.

How long have you been baking?

I have always loved cooking and baking and it started from a very young age of about 11. I used to help my mum in the kitchen. When she was out, I'd attempt to make dinner and cakes as a surprise for when she came back so she didn't need to cook. As I got more confident in baking, in particular, I would make birthday bakes for family and friends. Well, I still do!

Do you try wacky or weird new recipes - if so, what has been a surprisingly good one?

Hmm, to be honest not really. I like trying new things and I am one of those people who thinks 'what's in the cupboard and what can we do with it'. No real craziness there!

Do you have any advice for people wanting to start their own baking business?

Just do it! If you have a passion and the determination to do it, follow through. I am overwhelmed with how fast Cinnammmm has taken off. It is hard work but the reward of doing it for your own business and making others happy with your products is a feeling I cannot explain.

What is your favourite thing to bake?

Aside from the Cinnammmm's (its that sweet smell, mmm) I like to do a classic banana cake, to be honest!

If you were a cinnamon bun, which flavour would you be?

I'd have to be the classic caramel & pecan. I'm original. What you see is what you get and guaranteed to be consistent every time. Sweet and sticky (the bon & caramel) with a little bit of sass/spice (cinnamon) with a strong personality (pecan)!

Thanks to Cinnammmm