British Dogs Living Their Best Lives: The Happiest Dogs on Holiday

Updated: Apr 10

With a lockdown-free summer on the horizon, excitement is stirring across the UK thanks to the thought of being able to see friends and family again along with the potential of a much-missed UK holiday seeming likely.

Though international travel may not be possible this year, holidaying in the UK certainly comes with its own set of perks, one of which is the opportunity to take a trip with our four-legged family members.

In celebration of this, self-catering cottage letting agency Sweetcombe Cottage Holidays has revealed some of their community’s happiest dogs who were caught in action on their staycation holidays last year.

If you’re looking for a dog-inclusive staycation property this summer, check out these gorgeous dog-friendly properties with enough room for several pooches to join you on your getaway. For now, however, whether it’s a paddling pup or windswept terrier, here is a collection of some of the most adorable furry friends having the best staycation fun to get us excited for holidays to come.

First up to spread the holiday hype is Belle the Springer Spaniel and Brian the Labradoodle, aged six and seven, seen here paddling in the ocean in Wells by the Sea, Norfolk, last Summer. On a trip with their owners, Belle and Brian got stuck into coastal life outfit and even wore special outfits to mark the occasion! “As dogs who love creating a mess and getting deep into the ocean, it was the best place to take the pooches”, says their owner, Leanne.

Next, we have Monty the two-year-old Border Terrier pup enjoying some summer adventures last year on a staycation holiday in Grasmere, The Lake District, with his owner, Emily. Monty particularly enjoyed paddling in the streams but tended to stay away from deeper water.

Here we see Bluebell the one-year-old French Bulldog experiencing the beach for the very first time. Her owner, Vicky, explains, “Blue loved the coast of Cornwall when we took her for the first time last year, she even put her little paws in the shallow waves! We went on a very overcast day, so she enjoyed having the stretch of the beach all to herself and before I knew it, she had begun running across the sand with a big smile on her face.”

12-year-old Ollie and little four-year-old Daisy are both Labradoodles and were patiently waiting for a treat while having this picture taken, explains their owner, Beth. The doodle-cross dogs are seen here on the sunny Sandymouth beach in North Devon where Daisy enjoyed chasing a ball across the stretch of the beach while Ollie enjoyed a paddle in the shallow water.

Taking in the views of Devon beach looking very serene, is one-year-old Lola. The Cockerpoo puppy loved her staycation holiday with her family and spent a full day on a long lead trotting along the beach paths until sunset.

Monty (previously known as Oleg) is a young Collie and Border cross who was rescued from a Spanish animal rescue centre in 2017, after being found roaming the streets of Malaga. His owner, Cathy told us about his new life on the coast: “Monty is an affectionate lad who loves to be cuddled and doted over by those closest to him. He adores his new life by the coast with the highlight of his day being his walk along Formby beach, Liverpool. Fetching for treats and sticks is his forte, so open spaces like country fields or beaches are his perfect playing ground!”