Places to rent in Leeds: students & professionals

Updated: Jan 29

Whether you’re a student or a young professional, living in Leeds is pretty awesome. We swear we’re not biased.

From the incredible shopping to the lively nightlife, Leeds has pretty much everything you could ever need to survive both uni and your twenties.

If you’re looking for places to rent in Leeds, here is our guide to the areas you want to be looking at.

Hyde Park: Students

Hyde Park is a classic choice for many a uni student in Leeds. Just outside of the city centre, Hyde Park is as close as you can get to the uni campus’ without actually living on them. So, if you like to leave for your lectures with 10 minutes to spare, Hyde Park is the place for you.

On the other side of Hyde Park, you’ll find Headingley. This means you’re slap bang in the middle of the city centre and the student Mecca that is Headingley. In the area, you’ve got plenty of cafes, restaurants and bars to keep you busy. Some all-time student favourites include LS6 Café, Hyde Park Pub, Hyde Park Book Club, The East Village and Popina’s.

Headingley: Students

Places to rent in Leeds don’t come much more classic than Headingley. It’s the student capital of Leeds and for good reason. The nightlife in Headingley is amazing which means you don’t need to pay for a taxi into town when you fancy a good night out.

You’ve got a few reliable pubs like Headingley Taps, Original Oak and Skyrack coupled with the trendier Manahatta, The Box and Head of Steam. So, whether you fancy a pint or some cocktails, you’re covered in Headingley. Headingley is also the starting point for the infamous Otley Run which is a 16-pint pub crawl taking you from Woodies in Headingley all the way to The Dry Dock in the city centre.

It’s also only a five-minute drive down the road from Burley Park so getting into uni is super easy by bus. The houses tend to be a bit nicer in Headingley, although, take that with a pinch of salt – it’s still student living.

Far Headingley & Meanwood: Young professionals

If you’re a graduate or young professional, Far Headingley and Meanwood are just a couple of the places you’re better off looking. Of course, you could always go to Leeds city centre which is ideal for commuting to and from the office, but rent is a couple hundred more a month – go figure.

Far Headingley is pretty much how it sounds on the tin, still in Headingley, bur further out. So, you will be before the start of the Otley Run which means you won’t have to deal with the noise and mess of hundreds of students passing your place in fancy dress every weekend. Although, deep down, you wish you were still one of them.

Meanwood is just to the right of Headingley on the map and is a leafy little suburb for a quieter life. You’ve got a small retail park and plenty of local cafes and independent shops. You’ve also got the Meanwood Valley Trail which is a seven-mile walk across North Leeds. Don’t worry, you’re still only about half an hour away from the city centre by bus so is more than commutable for work.

Chapel Allerton: Young professionals

Chapel Allerton has been up and coming for a few years now and is one of the most popular places to rent in Leeds for young professionals.

Just a few miles across from Meanwood, Chapel Allerton is also only about a half-hour bus journey into town which is why it’s so popular for twenty-somethings.

Known for its independent scene, Chapel Allerton is home to more local businesses than chains so has a lovely community feel to it. In terms of nightlife, you’ve got a few bars to tide you over like The Pit, The Mustard Pot, Seven Arts, The Wood and a few pubs, like The Regent.

The best bit about Chapel Allerton is that it’s perfectly between the city centre and the countryside. So, you get a little bit more peace and quiet without being too far away from the action. It’s the perfect in-between!

Leeds city centre: Students & Young Professionals

Of course, if you can’t stay away, you can always live in the hustle and bustle of the city centre. The middle of Leeds is a mix of students and young professionals. There are countless building of student accommodation, both university-run and private.

For students, you can find the best accommodation nearer the uni campus’. For young professionals, you’re best off sticking to the River Aire. Down by The Calls is where you’ll find lots of trendy industrial apartments.

It goes without saying that the city centre living does come with a bigger price tag. So, it’s worth checking out some of your other options if you’re hoping to rent on a budget.

Has this guide helped you to find some places to rent in Leeds that are right for you?