Staycation ideas: Why camping isn’t totally shit

Updated: Jan 29

Just because some countries around the world are opening up international travel, doesn’t mean we all want to be heading abroad this year.

Coronavirus has well and truly left its mark on the travel industry and not in a good way.

To avoid the worry of travelling overseas or the hassle of getting coronavirus travel insurance, why not try a staycation?

We know, you’ve probably heard ‘staycation’ thrown about a lot already this year but it’s actually a pretty great idea.

How much of the UK have you actually seen – is it all four nations or just the places that are within a few hours of your home?

The UK has so many beautiful spots and most of them you won’t believe belong on our tiny island. While we all need to make a conscious effort to support local businesses, not all of us want to be staying in hotels or crowded places just yet.

So, what’s your next best bet? Well, camping.

Before you judge it, camping is actually a really fun experience. If you’re not wild about the great outdoors, you don’t need to camp in the middle of nowhere and rough it for a week. Plenty of campsites come with proper facilities, some of these nicer than most hotels.

Here are our top picks for camping staycations for 2020.

Traditional camping in the Lake District

You don’t get many places more picturesque than the Lake District.

One of the best places to set up camp here would be Keswick. Because it’s a pretty popular spot for tourists, the camping here is excellent. Your tent could be set up within a short walk from one of the beautiful lakes themselves.

With endless hiking opportunities around, the Lake District is a great spot for a week with your mates. Plus, Keswick is a large enough town that you’ve got everything you need from civilisation within walking distance of your camp. Spend your days exploring the many peaks before heading to a local pub for some good old fashion grub washed down with a pint – or two.

Glamping in Devon

For those who enjoy the finer things in life, why not book yourself a glamping trip.

Sure, glamping probably doesn’t qualify as actual camping but who can argue with a gorgeous yurt, a proper bed, mini kitchen and, most importantly, nicer toilets.

There are glamping spots all over the UK but giving it a go in Devon is an absolute must. Near to stunning beaches and coastal walks, you’ve got everything you need from a holiday abroad without the hassle of airports and quarantining.

Yeah, the weather probably won’t be anywhere near as nice. But grab a few of your girlfriends, a few bottles of wine and some beach essentials and you’ve got everything you need for a luxurious long weekend away.

Wild camping in Scotland

On the other side of the scale, maybe you and your friends or family love nothing more than getting stuck into the countryside.

To see some of the best sights you need to head far away from the beaten track.

Wild camping is an excellent way of discovering some hidden treasures and views you wouldn’t believe – especially in Scotland. With endless mountainous peaks and waterfalls, the Scottish countryside looks like something ripped straight out of a storybook.

If you’re up for the challenge, get yourself into the Cairngorms National Park for days of tough hiking and nights surrounded by a campfire in the middle of nowhere. This is the ultimate isolation holiday for your social bubble.

Forest camping in Sherwood Forest

If you’re looking for something remote but don’t like the idea of toughing it wild camping, forest camping will be right up your street.

Famed for being the home of the fictional Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest is the perfect spot for those who want some time out from their day to day life.

Set up your tent amongst the pine trees and enjoy bike rides, gentle walks and fireside evenings. Plus, if you go in August, they have their annual Robin Hood Festival which sounds pretty fun, to be honest. It might be aimed more at kids but who doesn’t love to see a bit of jousting, archery and sword fighting of a weekend?

Have any of these caught your eye – will you be heading out camping this year?