Affordable luxury at Coach Gym Leeds

Updated: Jan 29

Launching in July this year, after the government ruled gyms safe to reopen, Coach Gym boasts what they like to term ‘affordable luxury’. We were invited in to see what all of the fuss is about.

With swanky new equipment and machines, this gym certainly has an upmarket feel to it. Unlike a lot of other gyms, Coach is totally stylised inside. With custom-made black machines and neon strip lighting above, you feel far more comfortable working out when compared with the harsh fluorescent lighting of cheaper gyms.

State of the art, Coach Gym branded equipment and machines

You’ll be pleased to know that Coach Gym has all of your standard machines and equipment. From the leg press to the squat rack, you’ve got all of your essentials nicely laid out. They’ve also got a few different ones too – like the hip thrust machine. We’ve never seen one of these before but it’s essentially a bench that you strap yourself into. You’ve then got racks on either side for weights and you simply get to work on those hip thrusts. We loved this as we normally hang about the Smith machine to get out hip thrusts in.

Unlike other machines, these newer one’s work using a paddle system. So, instead of sticking a pin into weights, you simply flip the paddle to the weight you want and get going. While it probably doesn’t make much difference in time, it was certainly a lot easier to customise the weight as you’re working out.

Multiple rooms for multi-purpose workouts

Away from the weights and machines area, you’ve got a further two rooms to choose from. The HIIT and circuit room and the boxing studio. In the HIIT room, you’ve got battle ropes, free weights, treadmills and boxes. This is great for performing your custom HIIT workout as everything is neatly laid out ready for you.

Something we loved, in particular, was the boxing studio. We’ve certainly never seen one in another gym before. With gloves and pads to use and hanging punching bags waiting, you’ve got everything you need to get a good boxing session in.

Coach Gym even has an upstairs where you’ll find the spacious spin studio and a mirrored room where the classes happen.

That luxurious feeling for less

So, what exactly makes Coach Gym different from say, Pure Gym?

Well, it all comes down to the detail. Coach Gym feels more like a club. With a bar for hot and cold drinks, like protein shakes and smoothies, and a seating area for catching up with friends, this place certainly doesn’t feel like a standard gym.

On top of that, the changing rooms are far superior to a lot of the bigger chain gyms. With stylish lockers and a row of vanities, you could easily get ready for work or seeing mates straight from the gym.

For us, the biggest takeaway from our visit was just how clean and tidy everything was. All of the pictures in this article were taken by us on our visit – they aren’t promo pictures. So, yes, everything is that neat, even in peak hours.

Unlike other gyms, Coach Gym keeps on top of their presentation. You won’t find random weights all over the floor or mismatching kettlebells in this gym. Everything has its respectful home and even the other members seem to take notice of this.

All in all, we enjoyed our visit and would definitely recommend checking this gym out if you’re in the market for a new one.

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