Gifts ideas for the twenty-something girl

Updated: Jan 29

When it comes to buying gifts for a twenty-something girl, things can get a little tricky. You’re too old for weird obsession-related stuff (Twilight phase, anyone?) but too young for the gardening tools and kitchen gadgets you’d get your mum and dad.

So, here are some gift ideas for the twenty-something girl that she’s sure to love.

Fancy tea and or coffee

No twenty-something girl is complete without some kind of love for either tea or coffee – or both. Whatever gets you through the day.

Look into getting some fun new flavours of loose-leaf tea with a diffuser to go with. This is a great one if you’re really stuck for an idea. There are endless spinoffs with tea-based gifts such as a teapot, cup and saucer, flasks and more. That’s add on presents for at least another birthday and Christmas. Be strategic, people!

If she’s more into coffee, look into buying her a cafetière. This, with some little pouches of fancy coffee, will be sure to do the trick.

Candles upon candles

Since most twenty-somethings aren’t homeowners, buying house gifts is a bit hit and miss. When renting, you’re typically not allowed to change anything about the property. So, things like canvases or other wall and or lighting decorations are out of the mix.

But, if you’re twenty-something girl is a bit of a homebody, she’ll undoubtedly have an odd complex for candles. Just something about candles speaks to a twenty-something girl’s soul. So, try to find out from her housemates, boyfriend or girlfriend the types of candle scents she typically goes for and go from there.

Experience day vouchers

Nothing says quarter-life crisis more than the feeling that your twenties are rapidly disappearing. Yep, it’s a real thing.

When looking for gifts for a twenty-something girl, why not think a little outside of the box and give the gift of an experience rather than a physical present. Chances are there will be loads of things in her local area that she’ll love. That could be anything from afternoon tea to axe throwing – there are tonnes of great things you can buy vouchers for!

Gift cards for her favourite places

People often think that gift cards are a bit of a cop out when it comes to present buying. However, they are a great idea for twenty-somethings.

Pick her up a gift card for her favourite coffee shop so she can get a handful of morning coffees on you. Or, if she loves movies, get her a cinema gift card so she can catch the newest releases free of charge. Most places do gift cards so all you need to do is figure out which one she’ll get the most out of.

Anything with alcohol

If you’re really stuck, throw her a bottle of Prosecco. She’ll be happy with that.

Has this list helped you with some potential gift ideas for a twenty something girl? Leave us a comment with some of your ideas!